Small insights to daily life

A note on the bellwethers of a society…

An old, Black woman begs for your small change at Bloor and Sherbourne. An old White man is literally on his knees with his hands in front of him begging for your small change at North York Centre. They are not inebriated or mentally ill. The elderly are emerging on the streets with their hands out. Imagine the day each made the decision to take that desperate step.

On a note of incongruity…

The very talented homeless duo, hoping for spare change in return, sang and entertained the ready-made audience in the subway car. They traveled the length of the car singing a pleasing harmony and, as they neared her, switched languages as an appeal to include her. But she wouldn’t pull her face out of reading her Bible long enough to spare the pair even a smile.

On a note of losing one’s self…

If reality has come down to whether it’s better to have someone looking beneath one’s clothing via a scanning machine rather than having one’s body touched all over by security personnel at airports then we are really failing to admit that the terrorists have already won.


Toronto writer and columnist Pat Watson is the author of In Through A Coloured Lens, available for Kindle, tablet or PC at


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