A note on…


A fanciful note on the facts of life in the 21st Century…

These days if a young child bypasses the Internet and instead asks the parents were babies come from, they might explain thusly: When a mommy and a daddy meet at university and find out that they really, truly love each other, and after the mommy has her law degree and the daddy gets his MBA, and after they have gotten married, paid off their student loans, bought their first home then traded up to a family-size home, and, provided their income is secure enough that they can afford to pay a nanny and their retirement savings is well underway, they have a baby.

On a completely different note…

Is it true that construction workers and road workers are often seen in groups of three (or more) with one working and two watching because the other two are making sure the one who’s working is doing it correctly and working in relative safety?

On a note of absurdity…

We live in a world where even eyelashes generate their own multi-billion-dollar niche industry, and are taken so seriously that a new mascara stick is being promoted as having a “revolutionary” design. Who would have thought that “mascara” and “revolution” would one day be paired?

Toronto writer and columnist Pat Watson is the author of In Through A Coloured Lens, available for Kindle, tablet or PC at Amazon.com.


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