NY Times feature!


A few weeks ago Danielle Hark founder and friend from Brokenlightcollective.com contacted me. She explained that the NY Times was writing a story on how she founded BLC, and how photography can be used as a therapeutic tool for depression, bipolar and other mental illnesses. She wondered if the writer Aimee could contact me as she wanted to interview some members of the site to get their personal experiences. So I said “sure”!

A few weeks later Aimee called and did a half an hour phone interview with me. The finished story along with one of my featured BLC images is out today so please read 🙂

Thanks again to Danielle and Aimee for giving me a great venue to share and help silence the stigma associated with mental illness.



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Black men must support each other – opinion column

Black men must support each other
This is a re-edited version  of the  opinion column that ran in the July 3 issue of Share newspaper


No sun will shine in my day today
The high yellow moon, won’t come out to play
I said darkness has covered my light, 
And has changed my day into night, 
Where is the love to be found 
 (Lyrics “Concrete Jungle” – Bob Marley)

We have just come through a winter that has a special place in the climate record books, and with all the kind of fun waiting ahead – like Toronto’s Carnival-style festival – most people are soaking in the comfortable, albeit brief, respite.

But, if you are among the more than one in 10 persons experiencing a mental illness, it may not matter all that much. It may surprise some to grasp that people who are overcome with the anguish of depression or schizophrenia, or any one of a number of other mind disorders, in their attempt to find relief are more likely to commit suicide during the period when the weather is more tolerable.
– See more at: http://sharenews.com/black-men-must-support-each-other/#sthash.FE5meLyK.dpuf