Speaking of Chikungunya …

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It will soon be 7 months since I contracted the virus, Chikungunya, shortly after returning to Bequia last summer. I should add that it’s been a veeerrryyyyy looonnngggg 7 months at that! This was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life – even worse than when we contracted Dengue fever, because as one of my friends succinctly put it, “This seems to be the virus that just keeps on giving …” She had that right! Just when you felt you were rounding a corner … you weren’t, and you became more ill again, sometimes with a new symptom you hadn’t noticed before.

Fortunately I’m now at a point where I can say that the only part of my body still aching at times is my right shoulder and bicep. I no longer have the cramping in my hands at night, or the sleeplessness, or the tiredness the rest of…

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Wednesday Photo Of The Day: Anse Chastanet Beach Cove

Saint Lucia Tourist


I don’t know about you but I feel like jumping in right now!
Photo by: Crystal Baez Starkey #WishYouWereHere #VisitSaintLucia #CaribbeanVacation #humpday #wednesday #adventure #funinthesun #thingstodo #placestogo #simplybeautiful #stlucia #SaintLucia #saintlucianow #visitsaintlucia #sentlisibelle #Caribbean #island #tropical #paradise #escapewinter #escapethecold #warmweather #sunsandsea #beach #vacation #holiday #resort #hotel #picturesque #pictureperfect #love #romance #picoftheday #photooftheday #bestoftheday #january #2015 #ansechastanet

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In Defense of Academic Writing

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Academic writing has taken quite a bashing since, well, forever, and that’s not entirely undeserved. Academic writing can be pedantic, jargon-y, solipsistic and self-important. There are endless think pieces, editorials and New Yorker cartoons about the impenetrability of academese. In one of those said pieces, “Why Academics Can’t Write,” Michael Billig explains:

Throughout the social sciences, we can find academics parading their big nouns and their noun-stuffed noun-phrases. By giving something an official name, especially a multi-noun name which can be shortened to an acronym, you can present yourself as having discovered something real—something to impress the inspectors from the Research Excellence Framework.

Yes, the implication here is that academics are always trying to make things — a movie, a poem, themselves and their writing — appear more important than they actually are. These pieces also argue that academics dress simple concepts up in big words in order to exclude those…

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Author Dos

Writing Madness

To accompany my previous post, Author Don’ts, I’ve compiled a list of things you, as a new author, should do.

  1. Be nice to everyone you come in contact with. I’m not talking about every John Doe you bump into on the street, but anyone you contact through your blog/Twitter/review requests, whatever. Always make an effort to sound polite and well-meaning, even if someone is being a twit.
  2. Unplug for a while. Always set aside time to just sit down and do what it is you need to do, whether it’s editing, rewriting, writing, outlining… whatever. Procrastination is your enemy, and Facebook and Twitter are leading the attack.
  3. Write something new. I’m not talking a new manuscript, but a new idea. Relying on cliches and old tropes might get you sales, but you can’t be afraid to be an innovative author!
  4. Keep organized! This applies to everything, from editing notes to…

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