Speaking of Chikungunya …

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It will soon be 7 months since I contracted the virus, Chikungunya, shortly after returning to Bequia last summer. I should add that it’s been a veeerrryyyyy looonnngggg 7 months at that! This was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life – even worse than when we contracted Dengue fever, because as one of my friends succinctly put it, “This seems to be the virus that just keeps on giving …” She had that right! Just when you felt you were rounding a corner … you weren’t, and you became more ill again, sometimes with a new symptom you hadn’t noticed before.

Fortunately I’m now at a point where I can say that the only part of my body still aching at times is my right shoulder and bicep. I no longer have the cramping in my hands at night, or the sleeplessness, or the tiredness the rest of…

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