Oil price drop sticker shock in reverse


Oil price drop sticker shock in reverse



Remember when it seemed the whole motoring world was turned upside down when the price of a litre of gas went above one dollar? Then once that reality sank in, the figure edged seemingly ever upward. Not so these days. This week gas was posted at 92.9 cents per litre and in some places as low as 86.9 cents per litre.


There is a saying in the news business that what is good for business is bad for people and what is good for people is bad for business. The prediction for people is that they will save more than $500 in the coming year if the price of oil continues to go down.


Oil is like the blood that flows through the veins of the world economy. The world has become far too dependent on oil in just about every area of modern life. Any heavy dependency, to the point of not being able to function unless taking in the substance, could be defined as a type of addiction. If the rise or fall in the price of a singular consumer product can have such a significant effect throughout the world, we really are in a tough spot, even as we depend on oil to create all kinds of comforts. We have to ask ourselves: is it really worth it?


It’s easy to think it is when a person is on a bus in Toronto and needs to get to work or to a medical appointment. It’s easy to think so if…

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