One more winter weather rant

One more winter weather rant


Weather at this time of year is either sunny and (very) cold or milder – that is relatively milder – and cloudy. It would be easy to say pick your poison, but we don’t get to choose our weather. We do, however, get to choose how we appreciate it.

You could resolve to spend the better part of our six-month long winters indoors. Jobs that make telecommuting available would allow for that plan. If you were retired, staying indoors at length would also be a possibility.

The problem, though, is the inevitable occurrence of “cabin fever”. That’s the miserable mood that descends on any individual who spends too much time indoors. We have to therefore brave the challenging weather at some point, even if it means heading purposefully to the nearby convenience store for a few must-have supplies.

Canada leads most developed countries in the use of electronic communication – phoning and texting. It has to be because it is a convenient method for maintaining social relations during long, forbidding winters.

As if last winter’s ice storm and the subsequent power failures that left hundreds of thousands shivering in their homes had not been enough,…

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