PMO flooded with angry emails over employment insurance changes and OAS

Ottawa Citizen

Almost three years after its sweeping reforms to the employment insurance system and Old Age Security, the federal government has released public correspondence sent to the Prime Minister’s Office on the changes – with the PMO flooded by angry emails and letters from Canadians.

Many of the emails sent to the office said the government’s changes to employment insurance and the Old Age Security pension were an attack on hardworking Canadians and middle-class voters.

The Conservatives, much like the NDP and Liberals, are now heavily relying on those middle-class voters in the lead-up to a federal election scheduled for Oct. 19, 2015.

For Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, the campaign will be the first time the government will face a general election since introducing major changes to EI and OAS. The emails provide a sense of the kind of feedback Harper may hear on the election trail.

Both NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal…

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