Matthieu Watson Santerre – The Folly of Canada’s Ukraine Policy

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The Ukrainian Crisis had dominated the news since Russian-backed separatists took control of the Crimean peninsula, in the South-East of the Ukraine in March 2014. In orchestrating this move, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s motives are unclear. What is certain is that the move results from a subjective perspective that sees the post-Cold War order as detrimental to Russia. Through aggression, Mr. Putin believes he can redress the regional balance of power in his favour, and continue to justify his presence as President, after more than a decade of rule in Russia.

Last week, the Conservative government announced its decision to send 200 troops to Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces. The move echoes the deployment of military advisors to the Ukraine by the United States and the United Kingdom.

The fact that Canada has responded to Russian aggression in the Ukraine is excellent. It is not in question. All nations should…

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Harper budget signals need for a new kind of public servant

Harper budget signals need for a new kind of public servant


Dear group of people who will become the next federal government of Canada, we the struggling class would like you to do something for the votes we are trustingly about to give you in our desperate attempt to sweep aside the current group.

We want you to know that we are in need of your absolute commitment to our wellbeing. We are having a hard enough time meeting all the financial demands to keep maintaining the basics of life placed on us daily.

We want you to know that the reason we can’t take advantage of the current government’s tax-free savings plan, now being increased from the generous $5,500 annually, is that we can’t even save $500 annually. That’s why we don’t go to the movies; that’s why we don’t buy magazines; that’s why we don’t even dare to buy a bunch of flowers to brighten up our homes.

We want you to know…