Stephen Maher: The Canadian economy, not terrorism, will decide the outcome of the federal election

National Post

Finance Minister Joe Oliver finally announced the date of the budget, speaking to the cameras in front of bored-looking garment workers on the floor of the Canada Goose parka factory in Toronto.

His stodgy announcement Thursday opened the second phase of the Conservatives final pre-election parliamentary sitting.

Earlier in the week, the Commons passed C-51, the security bill, and voted to extend Canada’s war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham for a year with air strikes in Syria.

For good or for ill, the Conservatives’ winter of security has had the desired effect. Significant numbers of seniors have been frightened or angered by all the tough terror talk and have shifted their support from the Liberals to the Tories or New Democratic Party.

Now that that’s done with, it’s time to discuss the issue that decides most elections: the economy, which should dominate the debate until we go…

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