Tara O’Brady was one of the first in Canada to experiment with food blogging — and now she has a cookbook to show for it

National Post

When Tara O’Brady launched her food blog Seven Spoons in 2005, she didn’t think she would ever make a living from it. After all, at the time, nobody was.

“It was just a hobby,” O’Brady says. “People didn’t make a career out of blogging. So I always hoped I would get back to traditional media. Digital wasn’t as big of an industry, blogs weren’t an industry. It was just a thing you did after the nine to five was over. That path had not been forged yet — that jump hadn’t been made.”

When Seven Spoons made its debut, O’Brady was far from the first food blogger on the market — a Saveur magazine timeline cites Chowhound, which popped up in 1997, and O’Brady herself lists David Leibovitz and Molly Weinberg’s Orangette as early personal inspirations — but she was one of the earliest in Canada. And now, with the publication of her first cookbook…

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