Creative Kawartha getaway uses least likely cottage material in a surprising — and award-winning — way

National Post

Say it’s a limpid summer morning in the Kawarthas, and you’ve decided to take a walk through the birch and fir stands down along the lake. As you wander among the huge old trees, listening to the sounds of birdsong and the distant thrum of waves on water, gradually a dark shape takes form ahead through the branches. It might be a little house, or at least part of one, but there’s something unusual about it. It could be a treehouse, but it’s not attached to a tree — or, it seems, to anything else. In fact, viewed from a certain angle, it seems to be floating in mid-air.

As you approach, the illusion resolves. It is indeed a house, or more properly, an extension to a more familiar-looking cottage. But the wonder of this tiny, perfect structure only begins there.

UUfie UUfie

Lake Cottage, as the two young architects that…

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