Low-income housing? Not in my neighbourhood

Low-income housing? Not in my neighbourhood

To begin with, I am not a property owner, so that makes my bias upfront and clear. I am a renter and am in the same boat as most Toronto renters who on average pay 50 per cent and upwards of their earnings toward their shelter needs. There are people in this city who pay almost 100 per cent of their monthly income into shelter.

I’m reminded of a recent Toronto Star article that refers to a 62-year-old former construction worker, now unable to work due to a back injury. His monthly support payments of $1,200 cover the $1,011 rent for his apartment in Scarborough, so he eats thanks to food banks.

Imagine a future in this city in which the majority of low-income earners will, for the most part, live outside the city centre. Bear in mind that the majority of low-income earners are members of immigrant communities and are identified as being of visible ethnicity.

Already, a silent trend of suburban homelessness has taken hold.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has declared housing to be a human right. That is, it is a human right if you hold a strong belief in the sanctity of human life. Most of us do. Yet, some human beings hold the sanctity of their individual life as more valuable than that of other human beings.

Now, there are multiple ways in which we humans select our tribes.
– See more at: http://sharenews.com/low-income-housing-not-in-my-neighbourhood/#sthash.lAZVhLpN.dpuf


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