Amazon Creates a Fair Royalty System, and Everyone Hates it

Johnny Reads

Last week Amazon did something drastic. They changed how authors are paid when Kindle books are borrowed. But let me give you a little more information before I get into the good stuff.

Are you familiar with the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL)? No? Okay. KOLL is set up for Prime members who also happen to own a Kindle device. These individuals are able to download one free eBook per month as part of their Prime subscription. Authors are compensated from a fund that Amazon sets up at the start of each month that is divided up among all downloads. Let’s just say that for a given month the royalty per download is $2. If your books are collectively downloaded 100 times, then you’ve made yourself $200. Got it? Okay.

Second, are you familiar with Kindle Unlimited? No? Okay. It’s Amazon’s eBook subscription service that allows for subscribers to download…

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They’re still fighting the Civil War

They’re still fighting the Civil War — and still lying about the Confederate flag

The Confederate flag is a symbol of white power, period. No symbolic compromises in South Carolina will change that.

This article at is well worth the time it takes to read through it. Here’s the link: