Austro-Hungrarian Red Book: Count Berchtold To The Austro-Hungarian Missions, 25 July 1914 – Part III

The July Crisis: 100 Years On, 1914-2014

On 25 July 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Leopold Count Berchtold (pictured), circulated a memoir to all Austro-Hungarian diplomatic missions. The memoir formed the basis of Austria-Hungary’s view of Serbia, and the Dual Monarchy’s rational during the July Crisis. From the Austro-Hungarian perspective, it lists the different forms of Serbian aggression endured since the beginning of the century. The following is part III of the memoir.

Leopold Count Berchtold Leopold Count Berchtold

Circular Note to the Austro-Hungarian Mission. Vienna, 25 July 1914.

This kind of propaganda, which is built up on a broad basis and works for a distant future, is nothing compared to the “foreign work” of the Narodna odbrana and its friends, which deals in agitation from man to man. It is this kind which has been most successful.

Through its confidential agents and emissaries, the poison of revolt is injected to grown-up persons and to irrational youths at…

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