Young Africans fed up with media stereotypes are tweeting powerful images of their real lives


Africans are posting pictures of everything from ancient mosques to new stadiums and modern art under the hashtag #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou, in an effort to get more diverse images of Africa out into the world.

The hashtag has attracted more than 42,000 tweets and re-tweets in the past week.

For some young Africans, whether they grew up in Africa or not, the Twitter campaign is an effort to combat oversimplified stereotypes of disease and poverty that they have encountered throughout their lives.

“I got involved because growing up I was made to feel ashamed of my homeland, with negative images that paint Africa as a desolate continent,” said 22-year-old Diana Salah (@lunarnomad), a first generation Somali-American student who has been driving the hashtag’s spread recently. “I used to get questions ranging from ‘were you born in a hut’ to hurtful comments about disease and poverty.”

The diversity of a continent made up of 55 or 56 countries…

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