13 photos that show just how far Acapulco has fallen from fun


Acapulco was once Mexico’s leading Pacific coast vacationland. Since the 1950s, the port city was a sandy playground for the rich and tanned, drawing beach lovers from all over the world. But increasingly it’s becoming harder to remember those days, as the town falls deeper into the grips of lawlessness and narco-violence.

[img attachment=”178310″ align=”alignright” alt=”Acapulco downturn” credit=”Keith Dannemiller” percentagewidth=”100″ /]

The resort town now has the dubious distinction of being one of the most violent cities in the hemisphere, with a murder rate second only to that of San Pedro Sula, Honduras — a place nobody ever goes for vacation. Despite the government’s efforts to bolster security in the streets of Acapulco, spiking levels of drug-related killings, kidnappings, and extortions have all contributed to a climate of violence and insecurity that has all but smothered the city’s tourism economy. The city’s fall from fun has been dramatic and sad.

[img attachment=”178313″ align=”alignright” alt=”Acapulco — Violence and Survival” credit=”Keith…

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