Why We’ll Keep Having Weird Weather in 2016

The factors that caused strange weather in 2015 aren’t going away

Source: Why We’ll Keep Having Weird Weather in 2016


How Climate Change Became the Central Development Issue

Just a decade ago, humanitarian groups working to address everything from education to poverty competed with climate change for public attention and development dollars. Now, leaders of groups focused on solving a whole slew of development issues say that climate change has become central with its effects permeating to other key problems. The concept of […]


🌏 Uruguay is now generating 95% of its electricity from renewable energy

World leaders will spend much of next week’s climate change summit in Paris wrangling over the terms of a deal to fight global warming. But if the tiny nation of Uruguay is any indication, switching to a low-carbon lifestyle isn’t as difficult as it might seem. The Guardian reports that renewable energy now powers 95% […]