Abuse of women is not a game – Opinion column

Here is my latest column in Share Newspaper (Sharenews.com)

Physical and Sexual Abuse of Women is Not a Game


Another high-profile man has been outed for his abusive behaviour involving women. The insistence by a well-known, now former, CBC radio host that his habit of choking women he invites on dates and then punching them in the head is consensual has appalled many. This individual has reportedly hired a top-notch female lawyer to defend his case as he has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against his former employer.

This matter of female abuse is a very emotional issue, therefore after this particular case came to public attention, a wave of female voices rose up to share stories of being the targets of abuse.

At the same time, a two-minute video showing how men sexually harassed a woman walking the streets of New York City went viral. Some hailed the video. And, it was criticized by others because of the way it racialized the males who hassled the woman. The producer of the video is male and he has stated he edited the 10 hours of footage to make his point not about race, but about the daily abuse of women on the streets.

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Pluviophilia | Why To Love The Rains

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I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain,
What a glorious feeling, and I’m happy again..”
                     – Singin’ In The Rain (1952)

I live in Mumbai, India.
And here, you either love the rains, or you learn to love the rains. Because rain it does, and it does so with a vengeance.
I get asked quite often exactly why I love the rains so much.
This is for you, AFK. Guess you’ll never know.

1. It’s amazing to simply hear the pitter patter of raindrops.
Isn’t it? It’s so soothing, yet so lively. It’s like a background score that adapts itself to each and every emotion of yours.
Feeling sad? Stare out at the gloomy pour and the sound of the rain becomes a piece of emo music.
Feeling happy, or want to feel happy? There’s music to dance to too.
Thunder on percussion.

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