It’s Halloween and in keeping with putting out the appropriate decorations, here is a real life encounter that occurred on Halloween a few years ago.
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Oct. 25, 2005

 A True (Scary) Halloween Story

If it weren’t for coincidence you might not read what you are about to. This story begins one late rush hour afternoon a few days before Halloween on one of many travels around this city. Waiting at a bus stop, I let a number of crowded buses pass me by before giving up on the idea that there would be one vacant seat for a tired body. After three or four buses passed, I finally boarded one.

Straight away, the bus driver, a tall gentleman with a calm, restrained voice, recognizing me as a Share columnist, greeted me by name. Oddly, he even seemed to know where I lived. Just before driving off, he handed me a sheaf of papers. As the bus lurched forward, he urged me to look at the package of photocopied newspaper articles. It included a column I…

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What is the biggest mistake writers make?

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It’s every writer’s worst nightmare: you spend a year writing your novel. Crafting your ideas. Writing, writing, writing. Then revising and editing until the prose shines. Finally, you self-publish it and…..

It’s a flop. Bigtime. Like you sold two copies?one to your mom and one to your husband. You feel like a failure, and worst of all, you feel like your writing isn’t good enough. But somehow you summon the fortitude to write another book and…same thing. What’s going on?

The good news is you can easily avoid this nightmarish scenario.


Build your fan base as you write. In other words, don’t wait until your book is finished to reach out and let people know you and your book exist. Build hype. And most importantly, start now.

And I’ve got the perfect way to do it.

It’s a professional author website, and it’s so much better than your…

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I’m just now realizing how brilliant Amy Winehouse was and it’s killing me


This is a very thoughtful and sympathetic recalling of British-born Amy Winehouse, whose singing was her gift.

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amy-winehouseI’ve been listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse lately. It’s pretty much all I’ve been doing. That and watching her videos, interviews and documentaries. I should have realized how brilliant she was a long time ago, but I didn’t. And now that I have, it’s like I’ve become obsessed.

A guy I briefly dated in 2007 burned me a copy of “Back to Black” and told me I should check it out. He said something about it being “different” or “retro.” But because he was kind of lame, and because people would regularly send me terrible music they claimed was incredible, I was skeptical. I dismissed his words, ignored the Amy Winehouse buzz and didn’t bother to play her album a single time. I mostly knew her as the girl who sang that kind of cool song “Rehab,” the one with the beehive who looked…

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Domestic abusers are really addicts of a type – Opinion

Here is the latest Pat Watson column as it appears in Share Newspaper

Although recent focus has been on public exposure of  domestic abuse by professional football player Ray Rice, this kind of addictive behavior occurs throughout society. To attach so-called racial identity to it is to confuse the facts. There are enough studies that domestic violence is almost twice as high in homes of law enforcement officers. Furthermore, sociologist Scott Melzer, a postgraduate researcher at the University of California, Riverside, found that that “men in the following occupations have higher rates of violence at home than men in managerial occupations: 
Men in “female-dominated occupations” (i.e., clerical workers), 47% higher;
Men in “physically violent occupations” (i.e. police, military, correctional) 43 percent higher.
Men in “dangerous occupations” (i.e., working with explosives, mining, emergency workers), 23% higher.”

Domestic abusers are really addicts

The recent video airing of the knockout punch from professional football player Ray Rice to his then fiancée, now wife, Janay Palmer, that occurred in an Atlantic City casino elevator in February of this year, has again put the disturbing matter of spousal abuse at the forefront. Back in March 2009, the public was presented with photographic evidence of Barbadian singer Rihanna’s bruised and swollen face following her being assaulted by her then boyfriend, rapper Chris Brown.

These are the public faces of spousal abuse; this type of domestic violence is sickening. We fear for the lives of those who remain with their abusers while also wondering what is inside the heart and mind of a person who would perpetrate such cruelty on the person that would otherwise be his love partner.

The broad public response in the face of this type of unhealthy relationship shows unawareness of the dynamics.

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