Work hard, get rich: the neoliberal fantasy

Work hard, get rich: the neoliberal fantasy

One of the driving messages we hear today is that if we just work hard enough, if we just don’t quit trying, then whatever we aim for will eventually become ours to claim. It is such a motivating message. It is the kind of message that finds favour among the kind of people who leave their homelands and travel to new regions in search of a better life.

These pioneering types are prepared to give it their all to make a better life for themselves and their children in a new land.

It is a message that neo-liberals would like us all to swallow whole. We are all in charge of our destinies and whatever happens to us, good or bad, is the result of our own actions or inaction.

Really? Is that what the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was all about? Individuals empowering themselves?

Ask the people who enjoyed a middle class lifestyle, putting their eight to 10 hours of hard work on a daily basis, how much that work ethic now benefits them.

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