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The fear of failure does not stem from  our past mistakes…it comes from someone shaming us, for making a poor choice, to which we continue to carry with us in the present.

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Hello Mum

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Hello Mum

Hello Mum was written by Bernardine Evaristo and first published in 2010. It is young adult contemporary novella which focuses on the life of a teenage boy living on a London council estate. The story was published as part of Penguin’s Quick Reads series and is a stand-alone story, so you don’t have to read any of Evaristo’s earlier works to fully appreciate it.

Fourteen year old Jerome (JJ) has not had an easy life. He lives in a tiny flat and has a really strained relationship with his mother. JJ knows that it’s not her fault but she just doesn’t understand what life on the streets is like. A teen like him as no future prospects. He isn’t going to do well in school or get a top job. His only chance to survive in a world where kids are beaten up for living in the wrong street is to…

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Saying Yes To Life – Yes To Everything


View through to a coffee shop, Distillery District, Toronto. View through to a coffee shop, Distillery District, Toronto.

“In life, most of us are highly skilled at suppressing action. All the improvisation teacher has to do is to reverse this skill and he creates very ‘gifted’ improvisers. Bad improvisers block action, often with a high degree of skill. Good improvisers develop action.” ― Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

I recently read a book where the author spoke about Improv (Blink by Malcolm Gladwell). He said that great improv is all about saying yes to everything that your improv partners say or do. There is no dissension, there is no discussion, there is no argument. There is just ‘Yes’. You do not suppress action as the quote above says, you develop action as a good improviser. I am not really familiar with improv in general, this being the first time I read about it…

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The China Syndrome – The Black Swan Pushes Events to the Tipping Point-Maximizing Enterprise Value in the upcoming Crisis – by Steven R. Gerbsman and Robert Tillman

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San Francisco, August, 2015
The China Syndrome – The Black Swan Pushes Events to the Tipping Point-Maximizing Enterprise Value in the upcoming Crisis
This article has been updated to reflect the present “China Syndrome” and as it relates to the “Black Swan & Tipping Point”.   Parts of this article were published by Steven R. Gerbsman and Robert Tillman in May, 2007. To understand the future, one must understand the past and that history is a guide.

Please read, enjoy and “BE PREPARED”.

Best regards,
Steven R. Gerbsman, Gerbsman Partners and Robert Tillman, member of Gerbsman Partners Board of Intellectual Capital

The events in China of the past two weeks have illustrated how completely integrated are the world’s economies. We know that stresses are building in the world and we all see these stresses and imbalances. Based on history, we know that there will be violent and completely unpredictable resets. Nevertheless…

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My First Malcolm Gladwell (A.K.A. Humans Are Fascinating)


Hi, I keep accidentally reading these books faster than I mean to, but they’ve just been so good lately I can’t put them down. So I just got done with book #53 and I resent myself for not picking up a book by Malcolm Gladwell sooner. I read Outliers: The Story of Success. It was equal parts gripping and informative.

Sometimes I read books or articles like this book, and I wonder if humans are really self-indulgent and narcissistic. I think that to write so much about ourselves means that we must be, but I don’t care if it means that people like Malcolm Gladwell will keep writing books like Outliers.

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Federal elections? What federal elections?




A person would have to care about what goes on inside the halls of greatest political power in this country to give any attention to the trial now taking place into disgraced Conservative Senator Mike Duffy’s improper spending claims.

The cross examination of former Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister Nigel Wright by Duffy’s lawyer Donald Bayne would prove to be an eye-opener for people outside the industry town of Ottawa – if such people were even a little interested.

The revelations should be enough to remove trust from the Stephen Harper collective seeking to be elected again to run the government, or, depending on your political bent, ruin the government.

But, I have talked to some everyday people about both the ongoing trial and the upcoming federal election and can report that they know absolutely nothing about the trial. Nothing. There are people who may have a vague sense that there is an election coming. And, to suggest that it is a vague sense would be perhaps to overstate their awareness, interest or concern.

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